UFE [Groove On]

DJ Set

12 iunie | Chill Zone | 14.00

If you ask him about his love for music, UFe is a man of few words. He’ll just kindly ask you to listen to his weekly radio show which he hosts together with his partner in crime Zicu. But then again any artist speaks through his means of artistic expression. In his case, UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical influences and genres that create a more unique style that resists easy categorization. From the ancestral rhythms of Africa and the tropical sounds of Latin America, through the funk and jazz breaks that made the foundation of hip hop, to the electronic music currently enjoying a vogue, many elements have helped shape his style into an admirably eclectic music.

He blends this vastly diversified repertoire into his own sound and expresses it into his own idiom with imaginative synthesis that makes the listening a vigorous and exciting experience.